A Place for Healing

Highest Ground is a Christian non-profit organization focused on establishing facilities, amenities, activities, programs, and services so that others will discover the loving, healing, and saving power of Jesus Christ. 

Post-Camp Life Coaching

All campers attending through a referral will be assigned a personal Christian Life Coach and will participate in private coaching sessions until they graduate high school (up to four years).  Life coaching lessons will be based on Victorious Christian Living International's Biblical Counseling curriculum:  Seven Areas of Life.  Each girl will develop a Life Strategies Plan and will be guided on how to apply Biblical principles and truths to her situation and circumstances.  

Camp for Girls

Our camp is designed to introduce life coaching techniques through a variety of indoor and outdoor activities, Bible studies, and interactions with horses and other animals.  Camp programming is Kingdom-minded with the primary goal of providing healing to the soul.  Since the curriculum is suitable for everyone, open enrollment is available to individuals and youth groups.  Priority will be given to sexually abused girls who are referred by a Child Advocacy Center, counseling center, or church.  We will attempt to secure a scholarship for referrals.

Recreation for Foster Children

In response to the needs of foster families and foster care organizations to provide recreation and socialization of their children, Highest Ground will provide recreational opportunities to foster children in Lee County and surrounding communities.  Our amenities, resources, and activities will allow foster care families and organizations to have fun and learn without the burden of cost and logistical planning.  

Women's Ministry

Someone said, "Women are just older little girls."  And, this is so true, especially if they experienced childhood sexual abuse or some other trauma.  On the surface, many women appear to be functioning and coping with their circumstances; however, below the surface are wounds that need to be healed.  We are providing small group Bible studies and small group counseling sessions for women.  We are also developing and preparing to host themed ministry retreats for small churches focused on healing, developing a relationship of trust with God, and understanding the depths of His love.

Christian Counseling

Highest Ground is partnering with Victorious Christian Living International (VCL) to establish a formal Christian Counseling Center on our premises.  VCL is a counseling powerhouse headquartered at Goodyear, Arizona.  Their counseling has reached areas all over the globe.  They provide free counseling services using their Seven Areas of Life Biblical Counseling curriculum.  Counseling sessions are provided at no cost.  

Counselor Training

In preparation for the long-term life coaching services that will be provided to many of our camp participants, Highest Ground is partnering with Victorious Christian Living Institute (VCL) to "grow our own" Christian life coaches.  VCL will help us prepare and train the numerous Life Coaches needed to provide post-camp life coaching services.  Additionally, in order to help staff the Counseling Center at Highest Ground, we will be recruiting candidates for their accredited degree programs including Associates, Bachelor's, and Master's Degrees in Biblical Counseling and Biblical Leadership.